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Discover the Art of Ear Piercing at Our Med Spa in Phoenix | Get Pierced Now | Rouge & Wright

Woman is putting an ear piercing machine to her ear

Looking for a new ear piercing? Then you might want to reconsider going to the mall and instead visit our med spa in Phoenix for a safe and professional piercing experience. At Rouge & Wright, we specialize in body jewelry and piercing services, and we have an experienced piercer who can help you choose the right piercing.


Here are five reasons why you should choose our med spa in Phoenix for your next ear piercing:


Hygiene and Safety


When it comes to ear piercing, hygiene and safety should always be a top priority. At Rouge & Wright, we follow strict sterilization protocols to ensure that all of our piercing instruments are clean and safe to use. We use disposable needles and sterile jewelry to minimize the risk of infection.


Professional Piercing Services


Our experienced piercer has years of experience and knowledge about different types of ear piercings. We use the highest quality materials, and all of our piercings are done in a professional setting. We want you to feel comfortable and confident during your piercing procedure.


Painless Piercing


Ear piercing should be a painless experience, so we use a special numbing cream to minimize discomfort. Our piercer is skilled at piercing quickly and efficiently to minimize any pain or discomfort.


Trendy Ear Piercing


At Rouge & Wright, we stay up-to-date on the latest trends in ear piercing, including helix piercings, industrial piercings, and multiple earlobe piercings. We want you to feel confident and stylish with your new ear piercing.


Aftercare and Maintenance


We provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you care for your new piercing. We recommend using saline solution to keep the piercing clean and avoid touching the piercing area to prevent infection. We also sell a variety of quality jewelry pieces to choose from, including gold, silver, and diamond earrings.


Choosing the right piercing can be a difficult decision, but we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced piercer, and let us help you choose the perfect ear piercing for you.


If you are looking to get a trendy ear piercing, look no further than Rouge & Wright Med Spa in Phoenix. We offer a safe, clean, and professional piercings service that is sure to make you a returning client. Schedule your appointment today by filling out our website’s form or call us at


Author : Rouge & Wright

Author : Rouge & Wright

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